Our Services

What you go for depends on how involved you would like us to be and it comes down to what your needs are.

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Wondering where to start? 

Do you have a specific concern for which you need guidance?

Need help deciding on a budget and vendors?

Consulting is for a couple that would like to plan their wedding but want to start somewhere.


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No couple wants to deal with any drama or stress on their wedding day!

Even if you have meticulously planned your whole affair, it is highly recommended for you to have a dedicated individual or team to coordinate everything from decor and floral setup to helping guests find their seats and to just make sure you are not dealing with any drama on the day you should be having fun!

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Planning a wedding can be quite the stressful affair...let us bring your vision to reality!

This is the full deal covering everything from helping you choose your vendors, us coordinating the whole affair and coordinating with all parties, helping you stick with your budget and overall directing the wedding for the entire day.

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Day-of Wedding Coordination

Full Wedding Coordination