What is my theme?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A very commonly asked question. Be prepared because your wedding designer/planner, or your vendors will ask what your vision is. What does that mean? A vision could be anything from you wanting a 70's disco boogie wedding with ice men dressed in sunglasses and afro wigs holding shrimp cocktails, to a regally enchanting tropical theme! Choosing your theme is one of the most important things because it will define your game-plan going forward and changing it half-way through your planning process can be a tedious and pretty expensive affair. Here are some easy tips:

- choose something that will effortlessly look timelessly chic. Disco lights everywhere and big, outrageous accessories can be best left for a birthday.

- choose colors that YOU like.

- find out what color palettes and lighting look best on photos. I can't stress this enough...unless you want to look purple in all of your pictures.

- pick a color scheme that will make you stand out and not camouflage you. We've seen this happen many times...a beautiful Indian bride dressed in a gorgeous red outfit with a red backdrop and a red bouquet drowning her look. A champagne backdrop for example would make the outfit stand out a thousand times more!

- the venue. Pick a theme that complements the venue and not clashes with it. See what your venue offers...study the ambience and frequent it to check out other events. If for example, you're going for a banquet hall with cream-brown carpet colors and gold chiavari chairs, you might want to study colors and looks that fit that existing ambience. Of course any venue can be transformed to however want it to look but always think within your budget.

- your budget. The never-ending dilemma of learning what your budget is and sticking to it is...well...never ending! Some themes are way more outrageously lavish than others so pick something realistic however tempting other options may be and you may need to remind your designer about that!