Are you a planner or a designer?

It's interesting how in the wedding industry, some titles are used loosely. When you meet with a wedding professional make sure you ask them to explain the services they provide. A designer for example has a creative eye for beauty, he/she/they will help you create a design that fits the theme you have in mind or even help you build one. From picking a colour palette, putting together a floor plan, helping you pick your flowers etc. they will come with you to your venue and help you visualize your big day. A planner will on the other hand handle the logistics of it all, vendor contract negotiation, timeline management, day-of coordination, budget management and overly putting everything together like a project manager. The planner may end up putting up to 250 hours for the event.

Robert Demeter Photography

Sometimes, you may find planners that also offer design services and you may find a decor vendor that helps you put your vision together too. There are designers who are also amazing florists. Ask your vendor/planner/designer all the appropriate questions so you know what to expect and know what you need to do. You may find yourself working with one or all of them!

I provide both planning and styling services. Don't hesitate to reach out for questions!